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What Was God Doing Before?

When I was a kid I used to wonder, “If there is a God, what was he doing before he made all this stuff?” I pictured God alone in the darkness. Silence. Nothingness. I couldn’t imagine how bored he must have been.

Recently I heard Bruxy Cavey talk about the concept of the Holy Trinity- God as three persons in one. I have heard this language since I was a kid but he shone a new light on it for me. Before God created anything, Bruxy explained, there was fellowship. Father and Son and Holy Spirit communing together in fellowship.

And then it made sense to me- what God was doing before he made anything… God wasn’t doing. God was being.

Moses is sent to deliver the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. Moses asks God, “Who shall I say sent me?” And the answer God gives is this: “I am that I am. Tell them, ‘I am’ sent you.” How beautiful is that?! His identity is not in what he does. His identity is simply that he is.

So often, we carve our identities out of what we do. But as creatures made in God’s image, he welcomes us to say “I am that I am” as well.

Do you agree? What are your thoughts?

Why I Am Taking My Kids Trick-or-Treating

I have friends who avoid Halloween because of its roots in the occult. For a while, they managed to convince me that I should avoid this night of devilish revelry as well. Indeed, I have spent a few Halloween nights hiding in my kitchen for fear of the 6-year old knocking at my door.

But turning off all the lights and hiding in my own home felt wrong. This is the only time in the year where all the families in my neighbourhood are out meeting one another. Is this the time I should be hiding?

What about the whole occult thing? As a Christian, isn’t it wrong for me to partake in something whose origins are in the occult? Here’s a thought:

It’s wrong to do anything that violates your conscience. That is the compass God gave you to navigate your way through life. But I’m pretty sure that if you dig deep enough, everything has its roots in the occult. Perhaps the electric guitar was invented for devil worship. Maybe curtains were first used to block out the light so vampires could romp around the living room. Maybe the knife in my kitchen was designed to be a murderous weapon… so what? I use it for slicing bread. And I’m not going to throw it away. Kids in Halloween costumes are happy because they get to dress up and eat candy. That’s it.

If going out for Halloween would violate your conscience- leave your lights off. I’m going trick-or-treating. And I promise not to toilet paper your house ;o)


It’s August. I’m in Toronto. Even the pavement sweats. I spot an ice cream truck. I’m too old to order ice cream alone. You have to be with friends. But a milkshake on the other hand…

I stand in line. I am happy. I don’t think you can be unhappy when you’re about to get a milkshake. A homeless man approaches me. He is angry. He asks me for money. I heard its better to give homeless people a bus ticket or some food.  I ask him if he’d like a milkshake. That seems to make him angrier. He grunts in the affirmative and we stand in line together. I suppose this means I can order ice cream now…

I try to make small talk but he won’t even look at me. You can be angry even when you’re about to get a milkshake. I ask the ice cream truck guy for two shakes. I hand my angry friend the first one. He storms off without saying a word. I am a little taken aback and think to myself, I shouldn’t have given him anything in the first place. Why should I give to someone so rude and unthankful? I feel a nudge in my heart. Because that’s the way God gives. I drink my milkshake alone and hope my angry friend is enjoying his.