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Batman in a Red Snowsuit

You think about your costume for months before the big night. You finally decide on Batman. You have to convince your Mom not to sew you a costume but to buy the real one from the store. She does. You try it on the night before. You really look like Batman. You wear it to bed. Halloween day you arrive at school as Batman. Thirteen other kids are wearing the exact same costume. But that’s OK. This is only a dress rehearsal. Tonight you will hit the streets of Gotham armed with a flashlight. You can’t wait.

You get home and prepare for nightfall. The sky darkens. You mount up. Your sister looks silly in full ballerina attire. But you aren’t going with your sister. Wait. What? Your mother insists you’re going with your sister. This does not help the Batman persona. Fine. Just as you are about to leave, your mother tells you it is freezing out there and hands you a winter jacket. You protest that your costume will be jeopardized. It’s no use. She is zipping you up and covering your glory. Your black leggings and mask are all that is visible to the eye. You never pictured Batman in a red snowsuit. You knock on your neighbour’s door and hear the words you never want to hear on Halloween, “And what are you?”
“Batman”, you mumble under your breath.

You arrive home 2 hours later with a pillow case full of A1 Contraband. You will spend the next 6 days devouring 4 months worth of candy. Life is good.

First Day of School!

We have been preparing Joshua for this day for months. Who am I kidding- Susie and I have been preparing ourselves for months. The first day of Kindergarten. Gulp. I think I’m ready. I mean, I think Josh is ready.

When we got to the school Josh burst out of the car and literally ran to the front doors. He can’t wait to go back to the Kindergarden room he visited in the Spring. The room with the paints and crafts and toys and trains and the sweet kindergarten teacher with all those stickers. We finally caught up with him and steered him into the kindergarten area. He caught sight of his teacher, turned to Mommy and Daddy and said: “Go now.” Four years of sacrifice in raising this child and all we get is “go now” as we release him into the world. I guess that’s parenthood ;o)

Best Family Movie Night Ever!!!

Last night we had the best Family Movie Night ever! Until recently, our kids have been too rambunctious to sit down and watch a full movie. Our 2-year-old daughter Ariella asks us to put on Wally about 7 times a day. When we oblige, she will sit on the couch completely fascinated by Eva and the Captain for all of 4 minutes. Then she wanders into the kitchen and asks, “Whats that Daddy?” about a variety of objects that she knows the name of already. So Family Movie Night has never really worked.

But Susie came up with a brilliant plan. She set up my LCD projector on the wall and turned out all the lights. She had snacks ready and sippy cups on hand. And when it was dark and our kids were fascinated by the huge screen on the wall, we watched UP.

Well our kids were silent and focused on the screen for almost the whole time! And as they got antsy we broke out the snacks- it was great! Ella sat with Susie for most of the movie but halfway through she crawled over to me, plopped herself down on my lap and rested her head against my chest. What a beautiful moment. She must have felt quite peaceful because just as the final standoff was about to happen, Ariella peed on me.

If you haven’t seen UP, might I recommend you do so. If you have a family, make it a family night! Just ask your daughter to sit on the couch.

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