Blockable Goals

I have a big audition coming up this Monday. I am not going to tell you what it is for because I don’t want to jinx anything. I really want to nail this audition so I am setting some goals for myself…

I heard a teaching once about blockable goals. That’s when you set a goal for yourself when you are not in control of the outcome. Blockable goals lead to anger and frustration. “My goal is to get this role” is a decent rhyme but a blockable goal. And it has led to plenty of frustration for me in auditions past! So the goals I have set for Monday are:

– I want to arrive at the audition 60 minutes early
– I want to know my lines inside and out
– I want to be the most prepared actor at that audition

That last one might not be a perfect goal but it does inspire me to practice like crazy so it works.

If I get the role I will let you know. If I don’t get the role, forget that you ever read this. Except maybe for the part about blockable goals… that stuff really works.

My Oscar Speech

As an actor, I have practiced my Oscar acceptance speech every year for 12 years. This is normal. I’m pretty sure every actor does this. But one thing I haven’t prepared is how to react if I am interrupted mid-speech by a belligerent red-head. I guess I should have an audible ready just in case…

That said, the terrorist attack has resulted in a whole lot of positive publicity for the Oscar-Winning film Music By Prudence. “All things work together for the good” as the scriptures say. So kudos to Roger Ross Williams and his team. I’m sure this Oscar experience has been a dream come true… that turned into a nightmare, and back to a dream.

My Pathetic Olympic Spirit…

I love the Olympics. I really do. But this year it’s just not the same. You see, I recorded a voice-over for a commercial that was to air in the Olympics. Well, I recorded a “demo” of the commercial. A “demo” is a low budget mock up that an ad agency makes to show the client what the full scale commercial would look and sound like. Then the client can say “Yeah we like it let’s make it” or “No scrap this.” The great thing about demo’s is there is no audition process… the ad agency has heard your voice somewhere and they just call your agent and book you. It’s great! And often the ad-agency will keep your performance and use it on the official commercial which is where the real payday comes in.  So after recording the commercial I was watching the Olympics with double interest.

Somewhere in between the bobsled and the biathlon my commercial came on! I recognized the voice of another actor who was in the booth with me when we recorded together. They were keeping our original performances- yes! There were 6 of us that day and one by one I recognized all of their voices. But there was one voice that didn’t seem familiar. No… I had not heard this voice that day. And this voice was reading my words.

I had been booted off the commercial. Like a 4th place finish in the Olympics… I was forgotten. It really crushed my Olympic Spirit.

But then Alexandre Bilodeau won Canada’s first gold medal and everything was OK.

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